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Oprimes FAQ's


Oprimes is a legit crowd-testing quality assurance platform that offers freelancing opportunities around the world. We have ongoing projects all the time and we pay out thousands of dollars every month. We have a global tester base where you can Earn, Learn & Grow in your free time.

Go to:

Fill in your basic details and confirm your registration by verifying your email

Complete your profile

Make sure to add your devices and Payout information

Go through the resources section to upskill yourself

Please login to your profile & click on the “Help” icon on the bottom right corner, will take you through the complete Oprimes tour.  

No, there will be no fee involved for registration/membership

You can always reach out to via Google Hangouts or an email.

No, You don’t need to have any testing experience to join Oprimes. We have Oprimes Academy to teach you everything that you need to know about Oprimes.

All the Academy training related documents and references are available folder wise in the Resources section of the tester profile.

Profile points can be earned based on your activity at Oprimes. You can earn profile points for completing your profile, submitting bugs, surveys, referring friends etc.


Project Related

The best way to get started on Oprimes is by completing the Oprimes profile with all the information. You will need to add all your Languages, Assets, Skills, Availability, Certifications etc. We use this information to match you with project requirements and send out invitations.

In the meantime, go through the Oprimes Resources section to get familiar with the platform.

Yes, You can get re-invited, please reach out to the team via Google Hangouts

You can check project details once you accept the project invite under the WiKi section.

It is mandatory to add the Device in the Profile section to be able to select it while reporting a bug. In case your device is not displayed in the Assets list, please reach out to with the <Device model and version>.

You can always click on the “Chat” option available on the Project page.

If you have not provided sufficient data for a bug or survey, The PM would request more input for the same by mentioning the exact input that is missing. 

If the PM requests you to provide more data by changing the bug status to “Input Required”, then you can change the bug status to “Reconsider”, and provide the requested details.

You can check all your bugs under the “Bugs -> My Bugs tab”.


Before logging any bug, you need to check whether the bug is already logged.
Please follow the below steps to check:
1. Refer to the known issue list provided on the wiki page
2. Search a keyword in the bugs section, to verify if a bug is already reported for that feature. 

Oprimes Account

Login to your tester account -> Visit the Profile section from the top menu ->  Security -> Click on Edit -> Enter your old & new password to reset.

You should be 18 years or older to sign up at Oprimes

Please visit your profile section from the top menu then follow the flow “Profile -> Languages -> Add New Languages – > Search & add your Languages”.

Please visit your profile section from the top menu then follow the flow “Profile -> Assets -> Search & add your Devices”.

Yes, you need to update your Assets whenever you have a new device/OS.

You can Upload screenshots of any of your government provided Id proof (Eg: Aadhar card, driving license, Ration card etc).


Payments for your approved work will be processed between the 10th and 15th of every month and the amount will be reflected in your accounts within 24 – 48 hrs. 

Payments can fail due to multiple reasons. Make sure to add the active payment method and reach out to in case of any payment-related issues.

For Indian testers, we transfer your earnings directly to your bank accounts.

Outside India, we use PayPal/Payoneer to process payments

You can earn by taking part in our testing projects. You can earn for executing the test cases, reporting bugs, submitting surveys, usability studies, referrals and contests. 

Payouts differ from one project to another based on the tester’s commitment and efforts. We pay a fair amount of money for your efforts. You can see the payout details of a project under the invite section while you accept/reject the project invitation. 

You can see and update your payment details under your profile -> payment details

You can check your Payment History any time under the Payout section on the header. 

The invoice template is available in the Resources section of your tester Profile.

No, The PM will let you know for which project invoice is applicable. For non-applicable projects, payments will be processed by default.

We pay you in full which means we do not withdraw taxes from your earnings. 

We need the UIN of testers to maintain our standard financial records as per the government laws. 

For Indian testers PAN card details are mandated and for international testers unique verification ID like passport, No or Driving license No or Any government-approved IDs number is mandated.